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Because students often asked me where to find data, here I try to provide some resources that may help them find different sources or portals that can help you find different types of data.


If you know of any major portal with useful databases feel free to send me an email ( with the link of the webpage and I would make it available for other students and researchers. 

Portals to many sources of Micro Data (in Colombia and Developing countries):

Universidad de los Andes has put together a rich portal of microdata (and municipal level data) on Colombia:

Colombian plataforma nacional de datos abiertos:

DEVECON portal of many development databases:

The World Bank Micro Data Library (has 5311 datasets):

The ICPSR is a huge data deposit, where many published articles leave the data for replication and  more:

Geospatial Data:

Leah Bevis, associate professor at Ohio State university has put together a nice portal to geospatial data on weather, soil, crop production or suitability, etc. : 

Macro data:

The World Bank rich set of macro data:

Coding examples:

Nice world bank visual library: see figures and if you like it, click on it and you get the (stata) code:

Useful code for power calculation:

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